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I want you to be a successful massage entrepreneur. I believe it might be the most important decision you make regarding your career. It’s my passion to show you how you can stop working for someone else and start making your own decisions.

I believe that you can make more money and work less by getting rid of the middle man. It’s not difficult if you have the right tools and the support of others who have done it already.

 Are you ready?    – Dave Kennedy  (read bio)

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Whether you’re thinking of starting your own massage business, you just started your biz, or you already have your own practice, take the next step  and check out what is working for successful massage entrepreneurs.
The information you need when you need it. Tips, tools, articles, and guides to help you on your path to success.
Find out what’s working and what’s not.. Learn from the successes and failures of others in our community.
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Check out my free step-by-step guide that walks you through everything you need to start your own successful massage business.
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Check out the latest free articles, tools, and how-to guides to help you start and grow your successful massage business.

Your Massage Biz!
It’s Your Future
Most massage therapists struggle with the decision on whether to start their own business or work for someone else. I created My Massage Biz because I believe that becoming a massage entrepreneur can be the most important and rewarding career decision you make. It is my passion to help you choose this path and then give you the tools and support to build your successful practice.  Click here to see how much you can make as a massage entrepreneur.
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Save time and money while growing a successful practice.
Build A Successful Massage Business With Best Tools
Best Tools
Learn about the tools that are helping therapists run and grow their successful massage businesses.
Build A Successful Massage Business With Your money
Your Money
Find out how to put more money in your pocket. These tips will save you money and give you ideas for increasing income.
Build A Successful Massage Business With How-to Guide
How-To Guides
These guides will walk you through each step for some of the most common projects you need to get done.
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