Best Massage Business Tools: Bluehost

Best Massage Business Tools: Bluehost

I get asked all the time what I recommend for getting a website up and running. I use Bluehost for my domains and hosting, and WordPress for creating my websites. They are the best. Bluehost is the number one rated WordPress website hosting company on the web. They offer your domain for free, provide low cost hosting and free one-click WordPress installation. If you’re looking for a great option for building a professional website, look no further than Bluehost and WordPress. This is why I consider this installment of’s Best Massage Business Tools: Bluehost to be essential for the success of your practice.

Your best choice for creating an awesome website

Over the years, I have used many different hosting companies and website builders but I locked onto Bluehost and WordPress because they are by far the best. There are many choices out there and it can be confusing and difficult to know what to use to get your website up and running. I know this from experience.  Support is what sets Bluehost apart from the rest. They have an amazing support staff that is available 24/7 to help you anytime. They also have a simple one-click WordPress install.

WordPress is hands down the best website builder and it is free. It is extremely flexible and is open source, which means there is an amazing amount of tools, such as plugins and themes to help you grow your massage business. Best of all, you are not locked in to a company that can change your website requirements or price anytime they want. If you want a great looking, professional, low cost, flexible, easy to use and awesome support then Bluehost and WordPress should be your choice.

Need a quick review of the basics? Check out this article:

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Quick List of Features

Best Massage Business Tools: Bluehost

Why should you choose Bluehost?

   Get a great looking professional website.

  Free domain for your business.

   #1 recommended hosting company.

   Excellent 24/7 phone and chat support.

   Automatic backups that give you peace of mind.

   Top website security tools.

   They make it easy to grow your business.

Feature Highlights

Best Massage Business Tools: Bluehost

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Your Business Domain Is Free!

Bluehost gives you your first business domain for free as part of their hosting package. If you are just getting started, they make it easy to reserve your business name before someone else grabs it. For you pros, their domain manager makes it easy to track, update, transfer, purchase, and administer all your domains in one place.

#1 Recommended hosting company

20% of all the websites out there are WordPress sites. I have been using WordPress to build all my websites for years, and there is nothing that compares. rates Bluehost as the number one recommended hosting company. They have a simple 1-click install and WordPress experts that provide support every step of the way.

Best Massage Business Tools: Bluehost is #1 recommended WordPress Hosting
Best Massage Business Tools: Bluehost has 24/7 Support

24/7 Phone and Chat Support

Bluehost is known for their great support. Anytime you have a question or a problem, their experts are a quick phone call or chat away. Bluehost also has a robust help center that includes articles, guides, how-tos, video tutorials, instructions and answers to your most frequently asked questions. 

Automatic Backups Give you peace of mind

Bluehost automatically creates daily, weekly, and monthly backups of your entire account. With their WordPress tools, you can easily create a full backup of your website. You can then restore a previous version in seconds with one click of your mouse. 

Best Massage Business Tools: Bluehost has automatic backup
Best Massage Business Tools: Bluehost has website security tools

Top Website Security tools

Bluehost and WordPress have the tools to keep your website and information secure. Whether you are using their SiteLock security software or a popular WordPress plugin, like Wordfence, you can be assured that your website is protected. 

Bluehost makes it easy to grow your business

For many of you, one website will be all you need, and Bluehost’s basic package will do the trick. For others that may need more, they’ve got you covered. Their ‘Plus’ and ‘Prime’ packages offer unlimited websites and lots of room to expand. And for the pros out there, they offer their pro package in addition to virtual private and dedicated servers.

Best Massage Business Tools: Bluehost makes it easy to grow


Bluehost is the number one recommended hosting company. In addition, they are one of the most reasonably priced options out there that also provides top quality, fast, and reliable hosting. Their basic package starts as low as $3.95 per month. This includes a free domain for your business and a free 1-click install of WordPress.

Get started now with Bluehost.


The WordPress Platform is Free.

I highly recommend that you use the platform to build your website. I have used it for years for all my websites, including the one you are on right now.

   Don’t Lock Yourself In 

With other website builders, you will always be at their mercy when it comes to what they charge you monthly. Also you are in total control of your website with WordPress, unlike the others that have restrictions to what you can do.

WordPress is an open source platform that makes it easy to build a website. With a simple interface, countless free plugins and themes, and a vibrant community, it’s no wonder 20% of all websites in existence rely on it . 

   Easy to Learn

You don’t need to know code to use WordPress. Professional themes and plugins make it easy to create great-looking, full-featured websites fast.  

   Tons of Support

With a vast community of developers and designers using WordPress, advice, tips, guidance, and inspiration are always just a search away.

   Fast and SEO Optimized

WordPress is built on friendly code that can be optimized for speed and SEO right out of the box.

Get Your Website

Getting Started now with Bluehost and save by using the MyMassageBiz discount.

Setting up your account is fast and easy. Bluehost walks you through getting your domain and setting up your hosting in minutes.

Click here to get started and get your discount.

Best Massage Business Tools: Bluehost Signup

Best Massage Business Tools: Bluehost

Best Massage Business Tools: Bluehost Signup Now

Best Massage Business Tools: Bluehost


While it is important to have a website for your business, it’s not necessarily the first thing you should do to start and grow your business. There are several other steps you can take that will bring you more clients faster. However, it is important for you to get your domain as soon as possible and it’s a good idea to get started building your website because it will take some time to get it exactly the way you want it.

One important thing to keep in mind is that even if you are not a tech geek, building a website with Bluehost and WordPress can be lots of fun and extremely fulfilling. Most importantly in the long run it could be the difference between success and failure.

Using these tools will give you the foundation to grow your business by utilizing everything that they offer.  The power of these tools to grow your successful practice cannot be overstated.

I hope you found this article helpful. Please, leave a comment below and let me know what you think of Bluehost. If you want to spread the word, please, share this article on Facebook and Twitter, or you can pin the image on the right to your Pinterest board. I wish you success and prosperity.

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