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My name is Dave Kennedy and I am the founder of MyMassageBiz.com. Below is a little bit about the path that led me to create this tool for you.


I graduated from college with a degree in music, specializing in sound recording and film production. I worked as a sound engineer and part-time studio manager for a couple of years before deciding to start my own video production company, Vantage Video. I became friends with one of my competitors and we decided to build a production studio, The Production House.

About Dave Kennedy

Change of Direction

In 1989 I was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease that forced me to look for another profession. In 1991 I became a licensed massage therapist.

About Dave Kennedy

Clinical Experience

Over the next few years I built a thriving massage practice and in 2000 I opened my first clinic called the D-Stress Zone.  For the next 16 years, I experienced many highs and lows that came with running my clinics. The last few years I have focused on helping therapists start and build their own practices.  

About Dave Kennedy

Moving Forward

Why create MyMassageBiz.com? I want to take it to the next level by helping even more therapists, like you, get your businesses going and provide you with the resources to build them into successful, fulfilling practices.

About Dave Kennedy

A Note From Dave

Welcome and thank you for visiting MyMassageBiz.com.

So, why did I create this website? There are many answers to that question but the one driving force has been the same one that has driven me for many years now. Let me explain.

I think that many of you believe like I do that the core of our profession, massage therapy and bodywork in general, centers on the connection with our clients and our ability to help them. Secondly, it is also important that we are able to be fairly compensated for our work so we can provide for ourselves and our family. What we are paid for the service we provide also reflects on our value as a trained professional and how we are viewed by society.

Since I first graduated from massage school in 1991, there has been a growing struggle for the definition and identity of massage therapy and how it fits into the marketplace. As with many ‘commodities’ in our everyday life, the direct connection between the provider and the consumer has been severed.

While buying an apple directly from the grower may not be important for most people (for some of you it is), having a corporation step in between a bodyworker and their clients can have profound implications. This is not a direct criticism of the ‘franchising’ of our profession as much as a wake-up call to you, the therapist.

I don’t feel it’s necessary to ‘preach’ to you the importance of your relationship with your client and how that affects their well-being. You all know that already. That’s why most of you are in this profession. Also, most of you see the disparity in what is charged for your service and what you actually put in your pocket.

My point and the point of creating this website is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Everyone, let me repeat that, ‘everyone’ can create a successful massage business for themselves. I have done it myself and I have been helping therapists for many years do the same.

I named this business, ‘My Massage Biz’ for a reason. The first step to realizing the freedom of your own practice is to understand that it is already your massage business. Saying the words, “This is my massage business” is empowering. If you take that step and use this website as a tool to help you get on the path and stay on it, you will reach your dream as a successful entrepreneur. My dream is to assist you in that quest.

I am looking forward to working together.

about Dave Kennedy

My Family

My wife, Meryem, is a high school teacher with her own business, ‘YesICanLearnEnglish.com’. My daughter, Grace, is a Kindergartner, who loves to sing. My son, Trent, and daughter-in-law, Deanna, own their own gaming company, and my dad, Bob, is retired and living with us. This is my family and the light in my life.

Business Milestones (Years)

I believe it is important to give you a snapshot of my business history and background. My articles , tips, and recommendations come from my own experiences as an entrepreneur and massage therapist and from working with many amazing people over the years. The information provided on MyMassageBiz.com comes directly from my own successes and failures. My hope is that it will help you on your path to a successful and fullfilling business.

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